Beware of Fraudulent Toner Telemarketers

They have plagued our industry as long as we can remember and they are known as “toner phoners” or “toner pirates”.  They will identify them selves as us and their pitch will usually be one of the following”

” Order now and beat the price increase”    

“I am calling from your dealer’s warehouse and you can save by buying direct”

” This product is being discontinued. Buy now while you can “

When your shipment arrives it typically is one cartridge of  unlabeled toner with an invoice for anywhere from $500-800.00 or up to ten times its normal price. If this happens to you simply discard the product in the trash and throw the invoice out with it. These are boiler rooms operations, generally located in California.  They will not pursue you because they are crooks!

Remember, Shore Business Solutions NEVER tries to sell toner by phone. If  someone calls for that reason simply ask for their phone number so you can call back. 99% of the time they will hang up immediately.



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