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As we enter our 40th year of serving the central New Jersey business community, it is important to stress once again the pride we have in our Service and Support under the guidance of Service Director Doug Campbell.

We really believe that it is this emphasis on customer satisfaction and productivity that has allowed us to survive and grow over four decades. Our technicians and network support personnel are the backbone of the company and a major factor that sets us apart.

The video below is of an actual Sharp copier that we sold in our first year, 1980.  We took it back after 36 months in the field and have kept it in good running order since. 40 years old and still putting out copies!

Toner Replacement Bulletin – Urgent!

November 28, 2018

To: Our Valued Customers

Subject: Toner Replacement. Urgent!

The main component in the pricing of any Maintenance Agreement is the cost of toner. In order for us to keep the cost per page at an acceptable level to all it is critical that toner is 100% consumed before it is replaced.

Many of you have wisely allowed us to install the Fleet View remote monitoring system to your connected networks which allows your MFP to relay important number and conditions to our monitoring software such as toner levels and page counts. This allows us to be proactive in keeping our toner stocks high and your backup toners in place. We have noticed an increase in toners being replaced with 25% toner capacity still present. We have determined that in most cases this may be due to a warning message on your display that states “Prepare New Toner”. This message is meant to make you aware that you will soon need a backup toner so you can verify that you have one on hand. This light automatically comes on when your toner level reaches 25% full. It does not mean that you should replace immediately; you should only replace toners when they are totally depleted. It appears that in many cases we are throwing out toner cartridges with 25% capacity still in place. On most machines that represents thousands of potential pages wasted. You can verify actual toner levels by holding down the Copy function key or the key that has the outline of a house (Home key).

Likewise, we would request that you never replace a toner cartridge because of copy quality issues such as lightness, lines or shading. Toner has absolutely nothing to do with those issues; that is a service issue. In addition, do not replace toners when either “Call for Service”, “Developer Needed” or an error code appears. Those are also totally unrelated to toner and can be rectified by our service department.

Please feel free to call us for further clarification. If we all work together this will be benefit all of us and keep your costs as low as possible. Thank you for your co-operation in this matter.

George A Krebs

Shore Business Solutions: Your Office Systems Partner
1720 Route 34 PO Box 2428 Farmingdale, NJ 07727
Phone in NJ: (732) 280.1333 Outside NJ: (800) 622.2505 Fax:(732) 280-8268


Network Support Program

August 1, 2018

As we celebrate the start of our 39th year of providing state of the art office technology to the central New Jersey market, we are pleased to announce that we are expanding available I.T. Services and Support offerings.

We are now offering an enhanced, more comprehensive suite of network support services that are meant to augment the traditional maintenance agreement that covers the hardware performance, maintenance and supply requirements associated with your digital MFP.

Our Network Support Agreement (NSA) is meant to maximize the performance of your various digital imaging products as they direct your workflow within your existing office network. Service provided under our NSA include:

• Pre-Installation digital site surveys and Network Audit & Diagram
• Network Administration Profile
• Configuration of New Workstations and Peripheral Devices ( Software & Set-up )
• Ongoing Administration of Scanning – E-mail & Address Book configuration -Fax Forwarding
• Remote MFP Diagnostics/Monitoring of Supply levels, Meter counts, potential performance issues.
• Installation of latest Device Software Updates
• Phone Support
• Remote Desktop Support

This supplemental NSA Support Agreement is now available in blocks of time which are discounted from our normal hourly rate of $135.00 when purchased in 3, 5 7 or 10 hours blocks. The time used is “real” time documented to the minute with no minimums and no time limits. As you approach the total usage of support time consumed you simply purchase more in whatever increment you desire. The more you purchase, the more the hourly rate is discounted. Pricing is as follows :

Block Size : 3 Hour: $346.50 5 Hour: $522.50 7 Hour: $693.00 10 Hour: $935.00

Protect your network and maximize your uptime while protecting against inflation with the NSA Support Program from Shore Business Solutions.

Shore Business Solutions: Your Office Systems Partner
1720 Route 34 PO Box 2428 Farmingdale, NJ 07727
Phone in NJ: (732) 280.1333 Outside NJ: (800) 622.2505 Fax:(732) 280-8268

Another Toner “Pirate” Nabbed !

June 19, 2018



– Mark Timothy Mushkin of Laguna Beach, CA was arrested and accused of scamming businesses out of $3.3 million in toner scheme
– 878 different businesses were affected, mostly law firms
– Set up company named IT Tech Products in Huntington Beach, CA, and billed companies for toner, even though their existing copier service contracts included toner from other vendors.
– If convicted, faces up to 20 years in prison

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Don’t throw out perfectly good toner!

October 03, 2017

How often do customers replace the toner as soon as the warning light comes on? They get tired of looking at it or they think the device will run out in the midst of a job so they often replace the cartridge when it’s far from empty. Unfortunately, we see this a lot. The “Low Toner” warning does NOT mean you are out of toner. In fact, you may have hundreds if not thousands of pages left in that cartridge. It simply is there to warn you that you need to be sure you have a spare on hand.

Another issue we see is when people using color devices throw out perfectly good cartridges and replace them with new in an effort to make the color output more brilliant. That is a big NO.

Compare toner to the fuel in your automobile. When your low fuel light comes on your car does not stop. And you usually have 50-75 miles to go before truly empty. And when you do fill the tank, your car does not run any better.

We will be making an extra effort to let you know what yields to expect from your individual toners. Discarding perfectly good toners only serve to run up all our costs. We’re here to save you money!

Police nab 20 suspects in $126M telemarketing scheme

July 1, 2016

Federal investigators and Huntington Beach police teamed up Tuesday to arrest 20 defendants named in an indictment alleging a telemarketing scheme involving toner for copiers and printers that ripped off thousands of victims of $126 million.

The indictment, which was unsealed Tuesday, alleges there were more than 50,000 victims who paid more than $126 million for printers and photocopiers at prices 10 times higher than the regular retail value, according to federal prosecutors.

Telemarketers involved in the alleged scheme would pose as the victims’ regular suppliers of the products, prosecutors said.

The indictment charges 23 defendants in the alleged conspiracy that dates back to 1988. Prosecutors allege that Gilbert N. Michaels of West Los Angeles was the mastermind.

State and federal judges had previously ordered Michaels to stop fraudulent and deceptive business practices related to toner sales, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

Of the 23 defendants, two others are expected to surrender to authorities soon and investigators were looking for the final defendant.

“This toner fraud has been a tremendous burden on small businesses across America for many years,” U.S. Attorney Eileen M. Decker said.

“The fraud had a tremendous impact on some victims, who reported a severe impact on their finances, and the collective losses caused by the fraud were massive.”

–City News Service

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