Don’t throw out perfectly good toner!

October 03, 2017

How often do customers replace the toner as soon as the warning light comes on? They get tired of looking at it or they think the device will run out in the midst of a job so they often replace the cartridge when it’s far from empty. Unfortunately, we see this a lot. The “Low Toner” warning does NOT mean you are out of toner. In fact, you may have hundreds if not thousands of pages left in that cartridge. It simply is there to warn you that you need to be sure you have a spare on hand.

Another issue we see is when people using color devices throw out perfectly good cartridges and replace them with new in an effort to make the color output more brilliant. That is a big NO.

Compare toner to the fuel in your automobile. When your low fuel light comes on your car does not stop. And you usually have 50-75 miles to go before truly empty. And when you do fill the tank, your car does not run any better.

We will be making an extra effort to let you know what yields to expect from your individual toners. Discarding perfectly good toners only serve to run up all our costs. We’re here to save you money!

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