Toner Replacement Bulletin – Urgent!

November 28, 2018

To: Our Valued Customers

Subject: Toner Replacement. Urgent!

The main component in the pricing of any Maintenance Agreement is the cost of toner. In order for us to keep the cost per page at an acceptable level to all it is critical that toner is 100% consumed before it is replaced.

Many of you have wisely allowed us to install the Fleet View remote monitoring system to your connected networks which allows your MFP to relay important number and conditions to our monitoring software such as toner levels and page counts. This allows us to be proactive in keeping our toner stocks high and your backup toners in place. We have noticed an increase in toners being replaced with 25% toner capacity still present. We have determined that in most cases this may be due to a warning message on your display that states “Prepare New Toner”. This message is meant to make you aware that you will soon need a backup toner so you can verify that you have one on hand. This light automatically comes on when your toner level reaches 25% full. It does not mean that you should replace immediately; you should only replace toners when they are totally depleted. It appears that in many cases we are throwing out toner cartridges with 25% capacity still in place. On most machines that represents thousands of potential pages wasted. You can verify actual toner levels by holding down the Copy function key or the key that has the outline of a house (Home key).

Likewise, we would request that you never replace a toner cartridge because of copy quality issues such as lightness, lines or shading. Toner has absolutely nothing to do with those issues; that is a service issue. In addition, do not replace toners when either “Call for Service”, “Developer Needed” or an error code appears. Those are also totally unrelated to toner and can be rectified by our service department.

Please feel free to call us for further clarification. If we all work together this will be benefit all of us and keep your costs as low as possible. Thank you for your co-operation in this matter.

George A Krebs

Shore Business Solutions: Your Office Systems Partner
1720 Route 34 PO Box 2428 Farmingdale, NJ 07727
Phone in NJ: (732) 280.1333 Outside NJ: (800) 622.2505 Fax:(732) 280-8268


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